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Landscaping - Morgantown WV

Mulch, Landscape Rock & Edging

Enhance the appearance of your property with professional ground covering installation by Landscape Creations, offering mulch, decorative rock and edging in Morgantown and many surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients.

Residential & Commercial Ground Covering Installers

Adding ground cover can be an effective way of upgrading the beauty of your landscaping. Ground covering material bring color and texture to every property. They are perfect for softening hard elements within the landscape like driveways and pathways as well as high traffic areas. Not only will your landscaping look better with ground covering installed, you can be sure that it’s also been done right with professional installation provided by Landscape Creations. With a variety of colors, sizes and styles available, you can count on our team to install your selected type correctly so that you get the highest quality results.

Mulch Installation Morgantown, WV

Designing and building landscapes has come a long way in the past few decades. Multiple landscape features can enhance the look of your property while benefiting the plants and soil, one of those beneficial features being mulch, commonly called wood chips.

Mulch installation is a simple and straight-forward method to improve curb appeal. Mulch comes in a variety of material types and colors to complement the look of your home or business while helping reduce weed growth and preventing minor soil erosion. This prevention means less time and money spent on maintenance. Additionally, mulch allows for moisture retention and better regulation of the soil temperature. These added benefits allow plants and grass to grow brighter and healthier overall, adding further to the appeal of your lawn.

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Decorative Rock Morgantown, WV

Decorative landscape rock offers an extensive selection of styles, colors and sizes to complement the exterior your home. What’s more, unlike mulch, landscape rock has the added benefit of lasting nearly forever. While it can be a costlier investment up front, it almost certainly means less money spent on replacement since mulch is typically refreshed every 1-2 years.

With a wide variety of landscape rock to choose from including river rock, limestone and more, the expert team Landscape Creations can help you choose the perfect decorative stone for your next landscaping project. To get started, request a consultation by filling out our request form.

Landscape Edging Installers

Edging helps define the features in your yard, but more importantly, edging is what keeps the mulch or rock safely in place. Without landscape edging, those features are likely to spread out onto the lawn from time to time, requiring frequent cleanup and making lawn work more difficult, if not unsafe. Loose mulch or rock can get picked up by the blades on your lawn mower and be thrown at a high rate of speed, potentially injuring someone or damaging property. Adding edging to your next landscape beds can reduce these dangers while dramatically improving your lawn’s overall appearance.

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